Personalization in Oracle Apps Framework

By absence the Acknowledgment Appliance Framework (Oracle Apps Framework/OA Framework/OAF) comes with the abject artefact meta-data, appropriately all the personalization that we do sits on top of the abject meta-data personalization. This agency that afore assuming any personalization whatever we see on an OAF page is the abject meta-data personalization and already we accept alone the page we can see our personalization in a jiffy. This aswell agency that we can never overwrite the abject meta-data personalization that comes with the OA Framework, which in about-face agency that the abject personalization cannot be afflicted or deleted and our personalization are consistently afar from the abject ones.

Thus, we can consistently abstract the personalization that we accept done on an OAF Page from instance and save it to a collapsed book and can anon upload the same, to the aforementioned page, in addition instance. Also, any appliance or upgrade, activated to the acknowledgment apps instance will annul our personalization and will backslide to the aboriginal abject meta-data personalization. Hence, it is consistently appropriate to save all the personalization that we accept done to a collapsed book so that the harder plan that we accept put in never gets absent forever. Already the appliance appliance or advancement action has been accomplished we can afresh upload the ahead adored personalization to the page in acknowledgment appliance instance.

Let us accept a attending at added personalization data like: (can aswell be asked in interviews;) )

a. Levels of personalization

b. What are the appearance of OA personalization Framework?

c. The contour options acclimated by OA Personalization Framework

The altered levels of personalization

There are abounding levels of personalization as per OA Personalization Framework and anniversary akin has its own use and requirement. It absolutely depends on the business claim that on which akin we wish to personalize OA Framework page. Afore we go any added let us acknowledgment a simple question?

Q. Why there are abounding levels of personalization in OA Framework? What is the need?

A. Assorted levels are appropriate for altered blazon of audiences that may be application the aforementioned OA Framework page. If we see from arrangement ambassador point, we will be able to see that there are assorted levels like Functional, Localization, Site, Organization, Responsibility and Admin-Seeded User level. Whenever a personalization is fabricated at any of the aloft mentioned akin again that personalization is accessible to all the admirers at that level. As all the personalization mentioned aloft should be done by an able arrangement ambassador appropriately these are collectively alleged as Ambassador Akin or Admin Akin Personalization. User or portlet akin can be done by any end user and will consistently be arresting to that end user alone and appropriately alleged as end user personalization.

Let us appear aback to the clue and accept the Personalization levels which can be categorized as:

1. Function Akin

2. Localization Akin

3. Site Akin

4. Organization Akin

5. Responsibility Akin

6. Admin-Seeded User Akin

7. Portlet Akin

8. User Level

To apprentice every akin in detail amuse appointment